Essay on 1 John

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1 John was written by John sometime between 90-95 AD as a personal letter to believers. He is writing concerning the assurance of eternal life as it seems though perhaps some had some doubts as to whether or not they were really saved because of sin. They key word throughout the entirety of the book is fellowship. He discusses some of the hindrances to fellowship, conditions for fellowship, and the benefits of fellowship. He was really trying to encourage the believers to live a Christian life that will lead to assurance. His secondary purpose was to refute Gnosticism and the false teachings related to it that denied some of the aspects of Christ. 1 John 1:5-2:2 is a discussion of the basis for fellowship to emphasize the main objective of …show more content…
It is interesting that John says “we” in this statement and includes himself. These statements seem to be hypothetical yet at the same time reflecting John’s concern for some of the Christians who are being influenced or will be influenced by the teaching of the Gnostics or rather the assurance of salvation in light of sin and the believer. He is trying to emphasize to believers that such a close fellowship, which is living in communion with or being part of one body with, cannot be shared when one is living a lifestyle in the darkness (Johnson 29). He is basically saying that it is one or the other, darkness or light. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary suggests that these people did not believe that they were of the “darkness” (1084). The emphasis on “lie” and “truth” contrast each other as well to emphasize the mutually exclusive relationship. The kind of behavior that John is speaking of is those who “do not practice what they preach in a sense.” They claim they are believers but yet they are constantly living in sin and disobedience which is contrary to the fellowship that can be had with God. They cannot coexist unlike this fallacy that John is refuting. John’s correction of this fallacy lies in verse seven where he states his correction. His correction is that one should walk in the Light because God is in the Light and as a result we will be in fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus

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