Essay on 20th Century United States

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The 20th Century United States

The 20th century was a time of considerable transition for the United States. Going from the countries lowest point in history, to becoming the strongest nation in the world, left Americans and their leaders confronted with many difficult decisions. The decade of depression that had preceded World War II had produced enormous changes in US politics and the American political and economic systems. Beyond politics, Americans also faced challenges in their day to day lives as American culture and society was also going through transitions. The ways in which these questions and problems were attempted to be answered, the balances of power that resulted, and the significance of wartime government were
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We pushed money into acquiring missiles rather than into welfare programs. Consequently, our industrial structures underwent change and became increasingly military based. Thus, “the conflict between these two powerful nations (us and the soviet union), what came to be called the Cold War, not only would shape international relations for the next 45 years but would deeply affect both nations’ political, economic, and cultural life” (Griffith/Baker, 36). In the 1960’s the Cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, and the start of US involvement in the Vietnam war were still at the heart of concern of leaders, including John F. Kennedy who was elected president in 1960. In fact, at one point, people “thought that the administration was obsessed with Cuba” (Griffith/Baker, 149). While dealing with the war and foreign affairs, the nation was also having a struggle internally with African Americans fighting for equality and poverty still an issue of debate. Again, because of the involvement in the war and the dedication to foreign relations and national security, the presidents and congressional attention could not be focused entirely on tackling these issues, so other leaders stepped forward in this area. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King attempted to bring these issues into the spotlight, but it never took center stage in government priorities. It

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