Essay on A Report On A Food Plan For Pregnant Mothers

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Yes, people who are in positive energy balance are taking in calories than they let out. BUT, it is not always undesirable.
1. Woman who are pregnant need a positive energy balance to support the growing baby inside of them.
2. In their 2nd and 3rd trimester, pregnant women need about an extra 350-450 kcalories per day. As a result this would result in an positive energy balance. But, these women need the extra calories, especially moms who want to breastfeed. A malnourished pregnant woman with inadequate weight gain leads to a non-healthy baby
3. A food plan for pregnant mothers should include the following
• Calcium: 2-3 servings
• Meat: 2 servings
• Vegetable: 4 sevings
• Fruit: 3 servings
• Bread, cereal, rice, pasta group: 9 servings This food plan will provide the proper number of nutrients required to support the growing fetus.
4. Basically, pregnant woman need to eat a variety of foods, moderate their fat intake, and drink enough fluids. At the end of the day they need to remember that they have another human being inside of them that requires them to eat more. They need to put on extra weight to support the baby inside. So, for them, a positive energy balance is desirable.
5. Infants and children also need a positive energy balance to grow and develop properly.
6. Infants grow and develop at a rapid rate. They need a positive energy balance to make sure they are growing like they are supposed too.
7. Parents need to understand…

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