A Virtual Team Essay

1257 Words Feb 6th, 2016 null Page
Our team 4 included 4 members and our team could be regarded as a virtual team due to geographical differences. As a virtual team, thus, communication was a challenge. However, as the members had communicated and worked with each other throughout the unit and we all knew each other goal, all members believed that working together on a project would be a wise decision. There were two significant advantages in teamwork, including synergy and information sharing. Synergy helped to develop different creative ideas, leading to a higher quality of work, which it would not have been existed if only one member was working on the project. Moreover, the information sharing supported the group to make quality decisions because each member of the team often has special knowledge or ability, when joined together could make an informed decision. However, the weakness of our group was groupthink. Groupthink means a process where the conclusion of the group’s decision is influenced by impacts from the group (Janis, 2005, pp.20). The good news was that our team had handled groupthink by creating multiple group discussions to evaluate alternative decisions. About the project, the team actually had problem in specifying roles because some members had knowledge that could have been used in many sections of the project. Nevertheless, after we discussed our strengths and weaknesses among ourselves, specifying roles became easier. As the project initiated, the team worked very productive as a…

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