Adlerian Theory Essay

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Journal #1 – Adlerian Theory
Rubric #1: Personal Style and Counseling Theory 1. How congruent is the theory with your truth/personal philosophy? Alfred Adler said, “I would like to stress that the life of the human soul is not a ‘being’ but a ‘becoming’.” In my opinion, this quotation is a perfect summation of both what we have learned about the Adlerian theory and of my own personal philosophy for life. The congruency between my philosophy and the Adlerian theory was immediately apparent, because like Adler, I believe in a holistic and teleological approach to life. Adler believed in a holistic concept of looking at a person as a whole, rather than a sum of its parts unlike what Freud
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2. How does your truth/personal philosophy differ from the theory? My personal philosophy is different from the Adlerian theory in regards to the concept of birth order and sibling relationships, because I feel there are too many exceptions to make this concept relevant. I do agree with Adler’s statement that despite being raised in the same environment with the same parents, siblings do not have the same experience growing up. I do think, however, that Adler’s descriptions of influence on birth order are too generic and leave room for too much interpretation to be relevant to the therapeutic process. For example, in my family, I am the middle child, and part of Adler’s description of the middle child is accurate. While I did assume the middle child role of switchboard operator, I was also the only girl, and I believe that gave me many characteristics of an only child as well. When comparing the birth order of friends and family, I found a majority did not fit their positions based upon Adler’s descriptions. Granted I do not have the frame of reference to know exactly how this applies to clients, as my experience is rather limited. Currently, my personal philosophy does not place a significant emphasis on birth order for the development of behaviors, unlike Adlerian theory. 3. How would you integrate your truth/personal philosophy with the theory’s conceptualization of the client-therapist relationship? The Adlerian Theory

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