Adoption Outline Essay

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Alyssa Fedor
Adoption in the U.S.


A. (attention grabber): According to, Approximately 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year.

B. (thematic statement): Today we are going to inform you about adoption in the United States.

C. (establish significance/credibility): According to , The majority (42 percent) of children currently in foster care waiting to be adopted were removed from their parents or caretakers before two years old. Research shows children who enter foster care at a young age remain in the system longer.

D. (preview of main points): Our four main points will be laws and regulations, different types of
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Most adoption agencies now encourage some degree of openness. As a general matter, these days the birthparents have a voice in choosing their child's adoptive parents. Commonly, the agency gives the birthparents biographies of prospective adoptive parents, and the birthparents pick the family they are most comfortable with. The birthparents and adoptive parents meet, and might be in touch frequently during the pregnancy. Many times the adoptive parents are able to witness their child's birth. Some families stay in touch through their adoption agency, especially on birthdays and holidays. Others become and remain friends. The open adoption process also allows adoptive parents to better answer their children's questions about who their birthparents were, and why they were adopted. Open adoptions can also help the child come to terms with being adopted, because the child's concerns can be addressed directly by everyone who was involved in the adoption process. There can be downsides to open adoption. Many adoptive parents find the degree of openness to be a threat, fearing that the birthparents will intrude upon their lives after the adoption is over, or even seek to have the child returned to them. Adoptive parent may worry that the child will be confused over who his or her "real" parents are. 3. Semi-open adoptions fall in between open and closed adoptions. The adoptive family and birth

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