Essay on Algae Biofuel

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Seminar Report



Anuj Arora(UE7510)


University Institute of Engineering and Technology,
Panjab University


1. Need of Biofuels – Global Problems 2. Algae – Part of Solution 3. Current Trends In Production 4. Recent Research 5. Challenges 6. Conclusions

Need of Biofuels –

Global Problems

Global Problems – Oil Price/Supply

▪ Peak oil approaching. ▪ Current oil and diesel prices on the rise.


Global Problems – Climate Change

▪ According to the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 4th Assessment Report (Nov. 17, 2007), “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident
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Many believe that a major flaw of the Aquatic Species Program was the decision to focus their efforts exclusively on open-ponds; this makes the entire effort dependent upon the hardiness of the strain chosen, requiring it to be unnecessarily resilient in order to withstand wide swings in temperature and pH, and competition from invasive algae and bacteria.

Open systems using a monoculture are also vulnerable to viral infection. The energy that a high-oil strain invests into the production of oil is energy that is not invested into the production of proteins or carbohydrates, usually resulting in the species being less hardy, or having a slower growth rate. Algal species with lower oil content, not having to divert their energies away from growth, have an easier time in the harsher conditions of an open system.

Some open sewage ponds trial production has been done in Marlborough, New Zealand.

2. Photobioreactor:


Most companies pursuing algae as a source of biofuels are pumping nutrient-laden water through plastic tubes (called "bioreactors") that are exposed to sunlight (and so called photobioreactors or PBR).

Running a PBR is more difficult than an open pond, and more costly.

Algae can also grow on marginal lands, such as in desert areas where the groundwater is saline, rather than utilize fresh water.

Because algae strains

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