Algae Paper

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Jenson 1 At the current rate of consumption, it’s not going to take long before we have used up all of what we have become so dependent upon. That is why the world is looking at a new source of energy. A very small and unexpected source that most would not even have considered an option; algae. Using biodiesel fuels harvested from algae is not only helpful for the environment, but is a smarter way to produce alternative energy, save money, create jobs and eliminate America’s dependency on foreign oil.
The use of biodiesel fuel has been around since the beginning of the diesel engine. Its inventor, Rudolf Diesel, showcased his invention using peanut oil as the fuel source driving the engine. Diesel stated that “the diesel engine can be
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Many new companies, such as Aquatic Energy, Blue Marble Energy, and Originoil are trying to developing a method of extraction that can be commercialized to produce massive amounts of oil that can then be used for biodiesel fuels around the world.
But why algae? Why are so many companies around the world working so hard to be the first in algae biofuel production? Aside from the obvious goal of making money, companies worldwide see the many benefits of using algae as opposed to other forms of crop oils. The ability of algae to be grown almost anywhere, and in almost any condition is just one reason for its popularity. Algae can be grown in fresh water, sea water, or even waste water, and can be produced in a fraction of the space it would take to grow other crops used today, and use only a fraction of the water required for corn crops. This water can then be recycled and re-used again and again to re-grow new algae for harvesting. This ability to use and re-use almost any type of water source, whether it’s salt water or waste water, could nearly eliminate the need to pull from our fresh water aquifers used for farming crops. Algae’s small size and ability to reproduce in mass quantities in concentrated areas, makes it a much better option than the current corn and soy crops being grown and harvested for fuels today. Algae farms

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