All About Barcode Essay

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BARCODES have a different way of encoding numbers and letters by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths. Think of BARCODES as another way of writing since BARCODES replace keying data. In business, the correct use of BARCODES can reduce inefficiencies and improve company’s productivities. BARCODES are a fast, easy and an accurate way of entering data.

A BARCODE doesn’t contain descriptive data. A BARCODE typically has ID data encoded in it, and data is used by a computer to look up all specific information associated with the data.



This is the symbol used on items
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A BARCODE SCANNER can either have the decoder built into its handle or be “undecoded” which requires a separate box, called an interface or wedge. UNDECODED BARCODE SCANNERS are also used when connecting to PORTABLE BARCODE BATCH SCANNERS as the decoding is performed by the terminal itself.



A BARCODE KEYBOARD WEDGE READER is attached to a computer through a port called the keyboard interface. When a BARCODE is scanned, the information is transmitted as though it were keyed in the form of keyboard. Sometimes they’re referred to as BARCODE WEDGE READERS because they physically wedge between the keyboard and the computer and attach as a second keyboard. One great advantage of a BARCODE KEYBOARD WEDGE READER is that BARCODE reading can be added with no software changes necessary; the software thinks that the data received was entered by a speedy typist. With a BARCODE KEYBOARD WEDGE READER, any program that accepts keyed data will accept BARCODE data with no change.


Another way to transmit data from a BARCODE READER to a computer is to connect it to the computer’s RS-232 serial port. The BARCODE information read will be transmitted in ASCII format and look just like keyed data to the computer. Using a serial port connection is ideal for a multi-user computer. With serial ASCII terminals for each user, the SERIAL BARCODE READER can

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