American Food By The Decades : 1950s Essay

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Haerens, Margaret. Ed. Sherri Libberman. American Food by the Decades: 1950s. Santa Barbara: Greenwood, 2011. Print.
In her section “1950’s” (2011), Margaret Haerens, author and editor, suggests that television became influential to the way Americans eat. Haerens supports her claim by showing different types of examples of how television advertising has influenced Americans’ way of eating because advertising pushed the ideas of convenience. Her purpose is to allow readers to acknowledge the shift change between decades in order to show how television was essential to the way processed and convenience food ended up in peoples’ homes. She seems to want to educate her readers, so it seems she has students, educators, and a general audience in mind because her tone is very educational, and all her key points have examples with dates.
I couldn’t find anything specific about the author because any search I made would lead me to children’s books or there would be only a small portions of a review. I did come across a journal article that describes the author’s intentions with this book. Brian E. Cassidy, author of the journal entry, suggests that the book offers, so much information regarding each separate decade and their transitions in American food eating: “…. American Food by the Decades, covers the food related trends, brands, companies, technology, and celebrities of the United States in the 20th Century” (“Questia” Reference & User Services Quarterly.…

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