An Investigation Of The Defense Essay

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I observed two criminal courtrooms, one on Monday, March 9h and the other on Wednesday, March 11th of 2015. The courtrooms that I visited are both parts of the Fayette County Court, located close to my home. On Monday the 9th the courtroom I visited was a Superior Court room with Judge Fletcher Sams and on Wednesday the 11th I visited a State Court with Judge Jason Thompson.
Observing Superior Court was very interesting. I observed a child molestation case, which plead to a lesser offense. While the case we were supposed to observe in a trial pled out, I realized that I knew the defendant. We have read a lot in our textbook and learned a lot listening to lectures in class, but I do not think any of those prepares one for the surprise of the defense being an acquaintance. I believe that changed my view of the case from being one of retribution for the defense to one of rehabilitation. I did not think what he did was right, but I also wanted for him to receive help from others during his punishment.
The other case I observed in superior court was a DUI case with a defense attorney who had recently taken up the case. The attorney was threatened with being held in contempt by the judge because he had taken the case two weeks ago, but neglected to work on the case in a timely manner. After our class discussions about being held in contempt I knew exactly what the judge meant, but surprisingly the defense attorney did not seem to completely understand. The attorney informed the…

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