Analysis Of ' Do Not Go Gentle ' Essay examples

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All individuals deserve the opportunity to leave their mark on the world. Unfortunately, most people do not use life as an opportunity to do this and realize too late that they have not lived up to their own potential. Dylan Thomas’s villanelle “Do Not Go Gentle” urges people who are nearing death and feel this regret to fight. Through this villanelle, he directly addresses his father by asking him to “rage against the dying of the light” (3) and “not go gentle into that good night” (1) but, instead, to show that he cares. Thomas challenges his father to use the last moments of life to continue to feel as if he still has more to accomplish and not go gentle. By asking this of his father, he is able to convey a universal feeling everyone fears in the face of death: feeling as if there is more to do or not having done enough. In this villanelle, Thomas discusses four different types of men and their reaction to death in order to show that the nature in which a person lives is reflected in their reaction to death and wants his father to identify with one of the types of men. He starts by describing wise men as men that accept death for what it is and accept their fate but if they were to have one overarching emotion, they would feel regret. Specifically, they regret that “their words had forked no lightning” (5). Forked lightning, in and of itself, is commanding and intense visually, making it difficult to look at anything else when it is in the sky. Without it, the sky is…

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