Analysis of Kony 2012 Campaign Essay

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Campaign: Kony 2012 Short versions: (this may be a stronger version)

1. Why we are choosing this one: This was a very successful campaign. Most of our group had heard about the Kony campaign and have shared with more than one friend; thus it was a successful viral marketing campaign. The statistics show that 112 million people viewed this video in one week.

2. The Message
Targeted towards people who are obliged humanitarian causes. Help create awareness of the campaign, which is to imprison Kony by December 2012 with the help of aid from foreign and Ugandan governments. To do
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(PEW research center) More people viewed the video in such a short amount of time than any other video on the internet (to date).

Kony 2012 facts and figures: Invisible Children won’t yet say how much money it made from Kony 2012, but by conservative estimates, it has likely tripled its $13.7 million 2011 revenue and it’s possible that the actual number is much, much higher. ( [Add details regarding how it was spread]
Celebrities have helped spread the message (Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey) Why did it work?
The film discusses the desire to share, to be part of something, to inform others. Within the first two minutes, has drawn people in and makes them curious as to what is next.It was a very good quality video; both in resolution and the way it was directed. The director of the film, Jason Russell, is very personable. He is using people emotions to make them feel part of the problem. He even involves his own child in the film to make everyone feel that they are connected to this problem. People really want to feel like they are helping a good cause. It was also really the right moment. The film uses everything that is popular right now to keep people’s attention – instagram photos, facebook timeline.

People, especially

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