Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' By Robert G. Valleta

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Summary of Article
What is the purpose of this article? What is the author saying? What are the main points? Robert G. Valleta, starts the article by stating “inequality in market income has increased since the 1990’s” (2004, pg 1). He then compares and contrasts the four major industrialized countries Canada, Germany, United States, and Great Britain to analyze which social factors effect which country the most. The social factors mentioned in the article are family structure, employment, and income inequality and how they differ between the countries as well as showcasing similar statistics. In the next portion of the article, Valleta begins a cross – section to each of the countries and in detail describes how each social factor contributes to poverty. Valleta also cites multiple sources that support his opinion. For example (Duncan et al. 1993, 1995 as cited in Valleta 2004) explains how poverty dynamics are constantly changing, but still posing a threat for many individuals. However, the article briefly mentions the idea of anti-poverty programs and how these programs can benefit those who are wanting to end their poverty. Further into this section of the article, the author describes poverty dynamics and the statics of poverty entry and exit rates as well as the duration period. Near the end of the article, Valleta describes a quantitative assessment of the impact and not just qualitative. This allowed for the author to add one more point which was the effects of…

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