Analysis Of The Article ' Generation Nice ' Essay

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After years of living in the shadows of previous generations, the millennial generation has suddenly taken over society. This takeover hasn’t come easy however, as older members of society have imprinted stereotypes on its imminent successors that have given them a bad reputation. Despite the negative connotations attached to Generation Y, some understand the demographic and see past the stereotypes. Sam Tanenhaus, the writer of the article “Generation Nice” is one of these people. In the article, Tanenhaus does an excellent job of portraying the feelings and pressures of living as a millennial in a time where older generations are tenaciously gripping to the society they once controlled. One word that seems to be forever engraved into society’s view of millennials is narcissism. Generation Y’ers seem self-obsessed due to their array of sporadic selfies and constant updated profile pictures on social media (Tanenhaus). One millennial joked, “People have been calling me a narcissist since I was 3” (Tanenhaus). Despite the obvious humorous intent of the quotation, stereotypes such as being narcissistic are fought by millennials constantly. While older generations have coined the arising generation with this negative feature, the Pew Research Center concluded that millennials are anything but self-obsessed; rather they are a diverse and unentitled generation (Tanenhaus). While Tanenhaus points out one stereotype millennials face on a daily basis, he also spews into…

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