Analytical Essay on the Narrative Style of a Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

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Analytical Essay On The Narrative Style Of A Fine Balance By Rohinton Mistry

A Fine Balance uses a straightforward third person omniscient narration. A style that has become suspects and largely outmoded in this postmodern period. The question is why did Mistry choose to write in such a mode? Now an analysis of the narrative style of a text will necessarily involve a close scrutiny of the intention of writing it.

In the novel the text as such, basically the descriptive part other than the character's conversations or their thoughts, stands out for its stark factuality and linearity of time. The text is just a long list of all the events and various descriptions. It doesn't probe at all the intentions or the mental make-up of the
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We can also make out that the narrator is favoring a Realist point of view. A third person kind of narrative that is used here was also the narrative style used by the English Realist's.

A character like Vasantrao Valmik, who himself is a bunch of idiosyncrasies and coincidences, serves as the medium for the author. Valmik invokes the names of both the novels written by Mistry, bestowing a kind of authenticity on his words. Besides Maneck talks of his Quilt maker God, who is churning out the events of their lives, just as the author is. And Dina in her meeting with Valmik considers him as making Oral quilts. So Valmik is put on a pedestal equivalent to that of the author. Valmik in his first meeting with Maneck says, "You cannot draw lines and compartments and refuse to budge beyond them." Its like the author is giving Maneck a glimpse of the mantra of survival.

Maneck on the other hand is a Rationalist, the kind of characters that exist in the English Realist novels. Good-natured persons but who are caught with a single lens to view the whole world. If we look at Maneck's life in comparison to others in the novel, his is the most idyllic life, a good well to do family. But inspite of that he is unable to adjust to the fact that his parents deprived him of the good times at home. Not even his father's death could assuage

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