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Name: Jeremy Ng
Adv: Mr.Lee

Chapter 1: Introduction: Themes in the Study of Life
Begin your study of biology this year by reading Chapter 1. It will serve as a reminder about biological concepts that you may have learned in an earlier course and give you an overview of what you will study this year.

VOCABULARY- Should be completed in your notebook to be kept along with any notes taken for the chapter.

eukaryotic cell genome prokaryotic cell negative feedback

DNA positive feedback

genes data 1. In the overview, Figure 1.3 recalls many of the properties of life. Label the seven properties illustrated here, and give a different example of each.
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3. What is the atomic number of helium? _________ Its atomic mass? ________

4. Consider this entry in the periodic table for carbon.
What is the atomic mass? ______ atomic number? _______
How many electrons does carbon have? _______ neutrons? _______

5. What are isotopes? Use carbon as an example.

6. Explain radioactive isotopes and one medical application that uses them.

7. Which is the only subatomic particle that is directly involved in the chemical reactions between atoms?
8. What is potential energy?

9. Explain which has more potential energy in each pair:
a. boy at the top of a slide/boy at the bottom _______________________________________________
b. electron in the first energy shell/electron in the third energy shell _____________________________
c. water/glucose ______________________________________________________________________
10. What determines the chemical behavior of an atom?

11. Here is an electron distribution diagram for sodium:
a. How many valence electrons does it have? ______
b. How many protons does it have? ______

Concept 2.3 The formation and function of molecules depend on chemical bonding between atoms
12. Now, refer back to your definition of a compound and fill in the following chart:
Molecule? (y/n)
Compound? (y/n)
Molecular Formula
Carbon dioxide


Structural Formula



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