Apple as Invisible Ink Essay

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The Use of Apple Extract/Juice as a Disappearing Ink

The purpose of my study is to test if apple extract/juice can be used as a disappearing ink

The following are the procedures used to make a disappearing ink using the apple extract. The following are the materials; Q-tip, paper, apple juice and a Candle (any source of heat will work, ex. lamp, iron, oven). Begin by pouring a bit of the apple juice into a bowl. Use a q-tip, toothpick, or a paintbrush to write your message on the paper. Let the paper dry thoroughly. This will take about an hour.
To decode the message, you will need to heat up the paper. The best way to do this is with a candle. Hold the paper over the candle until the words become visible. The words
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Cutting an apple cross-wise will reveal more symbolism. The shape revealed is a five-pointed star. This pentagram, though often mistaken for a satanic symbol, is actually a Christian symbol which represents the atonement. This five pointed star is also called the Star of Bethlehem, representing the star that appeared at the birth of Jesus Christ. The seeds within the star of the fruit represent the Resurrection and Immortality or Rebirth, as this is how the fruit continues its life. This one fruit symbolizes the Birth, Sin and Death of man, then the Birth of a Savior who will Atone and Resurrect him to Immortality and Eternal Life.

This symbolism was carried though to several ancient pagan cultures as well. The Scandinavians had their goddess, Iduna whose name meant ‘at-one-ness,’ very close to the word ‘atonement.’ According to legend, she tended the apple orchards at Asgard a land for the Immortals. To Asgard the other gods went each night to renew themselves. Their immortality depended on partaking of Iduna’s apples.

Like Asgard, Avalon was another place for the Immortals. It was believed that Celtic heros like King Arthur didn’t die but sailed through the mist to reach Avalon. Avalon was the “Apple Island”. The name came from the Welsh word “afal” or apple.

The Irish mythological heros were summoned to Emain Ablach, (Emain of the Apple Trees) or the Avalon equivalent, “Avallach”. This was done by an “other-worldly woman who brings the hero a

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