Applying Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management (Km)

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Applying Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management (KM)

The theme of my paper pertains to the application of Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management. Technology has changed the operation of business organizations around the world. Applying socio-technical theories in knowledge management advances the ability of one organization to rapidly disseminate and share information vital to the fast, sophisticated and highly demanding information technology superhighway. Timely and effective use results in competitive edge within the organization.

Socio-technical system is popular and exists in modern business organizations. Modern organizations strive to implement and carefully execute the use of highly developed
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Organizations have models and theories. These models and theories are normally used to explore different possibilities of unique knowledge. Knowledge is power! Learning unique knowledge and innovative ideas will enhance the operational readiness of any organization. As we know, people apply their knowledge to learn more that is unknown to them and not to learn the things they are already familiar with. Various experiences of employees, discoveries of unknowns and current operational procedures of an organization are all components of organizational knowledge.

By combining technology and people in the workplace it makes up the socio-technical system. People learn through observing others' behavior. If people observe positive, desired outcomes in the observed behavior, they are more likely to model, imitate or emulate, and adopt the behavior themselves. It also suggests that the environment can have an effect on the way people behave.

In today’s fast-tracking Information Technology there’s a lot of free-flowing information leading to the transfer of knowledge from one entity to another. As a result, an improved socio-technical organization yields faster development it impacts the competitive advantage held by the innovators of processes or technology. It has therefore become strategically important for one and all in business to understand the knowledge, processes and controls to effectively manage the system of sharing and transferring the information in the

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