Arakin Chatst Uchebnika Essay

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11. Answer the questions and do the given assignments:

a) 1. Who was the man who arrived one Sunday afternoon to the house? 2. Why was the man looking for the young woman of colour? 3. Why was the girl Sarah accustomed to sit¬ting at the window? 4. What made Sarah ask Mother send the visitor away? 5. Why was Mother outraged when she returned downstairs? 6. Why did Mother decide to give him more of a visit next time? 7. Why did the Negro suffer no embarrassment in the parlour? 8. How did the Negro describe his career as a pianist? 9. What was the source of Father's irritation when he finally asked the Negro to play the piano? 10. Why did the Negro agree to play the piano for them? 11. What was it in the music he played that changed the
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Pay attention to the fact that the characters have no names. What effect is achieved by this? Should proper names have been used, in your opinion? Justify your answer, hi whose voice is the narra¬tion of the story? Where do the narrator's sympathies lie?

12. Explain what is meant by:

1. He was dressed in the affection of wealth to which co¬loured people lent themselves. 2. She is said to reside in one of these houses. 3. A bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums which in this season had to have cost him a pretty penny. 4. The sur¬roundings did not awe him nor was his manner deferential. 5. Oh, yes, Mother said, we are terrible about that. 6. There seemed to be no possibilities for life than those delineated by the music. 7. This was a most robust composition, a vigorous music that roused the senses and never stood still a moment. 8. ... until the entire room was made to glow with its own being. 9. His taste ran to Carrie Jacobs Bond. 10. He thought Negro music had to have smiling and cakewalking.

13. Give a summary of the text (p. 104).

14. Make up and act out dialogues between:

1. Mother and Father before the tea.
2. Mother and Sarah after the visit of the Negro pianist.
3. Father and Mother's Younger Brother about the pieces the pianist had played.

15. Sometimes we accept invitations to go to the event, just to be polite, so we don't hurt other

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