Aristotle 's Theory Of The Soul Essay

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Aristotle’s overview of the soul is that every living natural body that has life providing self-nourishment, growth and decay has a soul. The living natural body refers to a substance that is potential for life such as a human being, animals, and plants. The soul then is the actuality providing knowledge to the natural body. In a human, animal or plant it is the soul what provides the bodies reasoning, direction, perception, desire, locomotion and comprehension. According to Aristotle the body and soul work conjunctly to give the body the power of life.
Primarily the soul in human beings is responsible for providing the power of reasoning. Humans have a soul that accounts for the minds intellectual aspect of reasoning and understanding. Aristotle further analyzes that “the soul is that by which we primarily live, perceive, and think, and so it will be an account and a form,” deliberately describing the essential human being (Cohen, pg. 855). All knowledge is obtained from the reasoning of the soul offering performance of living, functions for growing, and principles of the general nature. The mind must be the most significant part of the soul because it provides reasoning to the individual stimulating thoughts and actions that allows humans to live a good life.
Secondly the soul in animals is meant to give them perception and locomotion. It is explained that “what makes something an animal is primarily perception,” which is what distinguishes a plant from an animal; the…

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