Essay about Arithmetic Mean and Quantitative Discrete

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For each item below:
Identify the type of data (quantitative - discrete, quantitative - continuous, or qualitative) that would be used to describe a response.
Give an example of the data. • Quantitative – Discrete: Data obtained that are discrete numbers. e.g. 1, 2, 3... • Quantitative – Continuous: Data from a population that is assumed to be measured accurately. • Qualitative : Categorization or description attributes of a population. e.g. red, blue,etc • Number of tickets sold to a concert: Quantitative – Discrete. 100 tickets were sold • Amount of body fat: Quantitative – Continuous. My friend has 15% of body fat. • Favorite baseball team: Qualitative. Twins is Minnesota baseball team.
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Sixty adults with gum disease were asked the number of times per week they used to floss before their diagnoses. The (incomplete)results are shown below:
Flossing Frequency of Adults with Gum Disease
# of Flossings per Week_Frequency_Relative Frequency_Cumulative Relative Frequency_0
27 0.45 0.45
1 18 0.3 0.75
3 11 0.18 0.93
6 3 0.05 0.98
7 1 0.02 1

Fill in the blanks.
What percent of adults flossed six times per week?
What percent flossed at most three times per week? 93%


A fitness center is interested in the average amount of time a client exercises in the center each week. Define the following in terms of the study. Give examples where appropriate. • Population: Entire collection of persons, things, or objects udner study • Sample: A proportion of population that is being sampled • Parameter: a number that is property of the population • Statistic: a number that is property of the sample • Variable: characteristic of interest for the people in the population (what is changing/what are you measuring) • Data: actual values of the variable


Ski resorts are interested in the average age that children take their first ski and snowboard lessons. They need this information to optimally plan their ski classes. Define the following in terms of the study. Give examples where appropriate.
Population Children who take ski or snowboard lessons
Sample A group of these

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