Article Analysis : ' A Tree Hugger, With A Twist ' Essay

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Mitchell Vetrano
Due: February 6, 2015
Bio 1101
Article Reflection 1
1.) The article “A Tree Hugger, With a Twist”, presents the idea that there is a rapidly growing problem in tropical forests across the globe: dying trees. These trees in the rain forest, through photosynthesis, consume a third of the carbon dioxide in the world (Schnitzer 2011). These trees are important for reducing carbon emissions, and also maintain the economy. By consuming carbon dioxide, the trees provide an outlet to larger corporations to essentially dump their carbon footprint into, and serve as an alternative, rather than having to reduce large amounts of emissions. Government regulations force these companies to emit less carbon. With fewer trees, it could lead to economic loss due to producing less goods/services; which is a direct result of their potential emission cut-backs. What 's killing the trees is the main, defined topic in the article. Dr. Schnitzer, the leading researcher being interviewed, makes the claim that these vines called lianas are to blame for the larger populations of trees dying off (Schnitzer 2011). One reason is: lianas consume water faster than trees, thus giving lianas the competitive advantage to local water consumption (Schnitzer 2011). This leaves the trees in the dust with the potential water availability/consumption. Without water, trees cannot survive. Additionally, the adding effects of Climate Change are changing the characteristics of these forests into…

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