Essay about ASU BIO 100 Exam 4 Practice Questions

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ASU BIO 100 Exam 4 Practice Questions
1. Because of evolutionary descent, many species share characteristics with other species to which they are related. Indeed, according to evolutionary theory, all living species are descended from some common ancestor in the ancient past. What evidence supports this conclusion that ALL living species are related to each other? Shared traits in the fossil record; Genetic Code; DNA Structure of all living organisms
2. For some time, Russian prisons have been running on drastically reduced budgets. As a result, when inmates contracted tuberculosis (TB is caused by an infection of the lungs by a particular bacteria species), treatment with antibiotics was often halted before all TB bacteria had been
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Lack of natural selection so that they could become better adapted to their environment. The habitat was going under changes so the species wasn’t there to go through the change of their new environment.
6. Wolf populations in Alaska are separated by thousands of miles from wolf populations in the northern Great lakes of the lower 48 states. Wolves in both populations look similar and have similar behaviors. However, the U.S. government has treated these two populations quite differently, listing the Great Lakes populations as endangered until recently but allowing hunting of wolves in Alaska. Some opponents of wolf protection have argued that the “wolf” should not be considered endangered at all in the U.S. because of the large population in Alaska, while supporters of wolf protection state that the Great Lakes population represents a unique population that deserves special status. Should these two populations be considered different species? What information would you need to test your answer? DNA would show a recent common ancestor that would prove to be same species Biological species concept: used with animals, not bacteria at all. SPECIATION: -Populations have to become separated -Once physically separated they begging to evolve in different ways to adapt to their new environment -Become reproductively isolated from each other Ability to interbreed and make offspring and determine if they have can have healthy fertile

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