Atheists Are Totally Against Jehovah 's Existence Essay

1173 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
your loved one that has passed away in death due to whatever it may be, in life again; imagine how amazing it will feel, you will cry tears of joy and not of sadness or misery. Your goal should definitely be to do Jehovah’s will, that way you will be present and anxiously waiting for your loved one to come back to life.
“In 2010, the number of atheists had fallen to 136,582,200 or 2.0% of the population. The term "atheism" originated from the Greek (atheos), meaning "without god(s)", used as a pejorative term applied to those thought to reject the Gods worshiped by the larger society.” Atheists are totally against Jehovah’s existence. What they don’t know is that He is the reason why we even exist, and why we have the chance to live the blessing he offers us.
Atheists have argued that they have proof and that they can backup their arguments, but when the time comes, they really can’t. On the contrary more and more questions arise for them and yet no answers are given. How can people still join their practice when there is absolutely no proof given? For example, people are ok with knowing that there is no foundation to their beliefs.
So as many people ask if there is a d then why does he allow suffering? As you must all be aware of the first human couple, Adam and Eve, they were created perfect and in order for the harmony to continue they had to accept his sovereignty. This is logic because God as their creator has the right of controlling what he has made. Therefore,…

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