Attracting Talent Essay

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Attracting Talent

“In the context of the UK’s skills crisis and global business, those organisations that effectively measure and manage their human capital will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”
Jo Causon Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for the Chartered Management Institute

In today’s market, there is a shortage of top recruits, and exceptional candidates are highly aware of their marketability. Employers should think hard about the true motivation of candidates for better talent acquisition. Response to employer brand
An employer brand includes what current, past or potential workers think about you as an organisation. It’s forged partly by advertising and recruitment web sites, but
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The danger here is that employers can be distracted into thinking that money is the key issue. It isn’t: it’s just the easiest to talk about. Tip: find out where salary expectations come from – colleagues, or genuine market research? When candidates present money as their prime motivator, ask them how they will respond to a (likely) counter-offer.

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Declining work satisfaction
Don’t be surprised when candidates moan about work: as a nation we’re a lot less happy in work than 10-15 years ago. Candidates have also learned to be more demanding. We all want increased personal choice: in terms of lifestyle and job content. Tip: your role is often to help people understand what really motivates them. Probe the real reasons for past job changes, and ask candidates to describe their best day at work.

Caree flexibility and life/work balance
Perhaps because we are expected to work longer hours and retiring later in life, there is currently a huge interest in career breaks. When only a minority took gap years, recruiters in the past tended to look on this as lack of focus, but today it may well be a sign of someone who really has taken control of their working

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