Automobile Essay

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Our world has changed significantly since the invention of the automobile. They were first created in China. But Karl Benz, a German engineer invented the modern automobiles. Cars have become a big part of the society today. The population in some areas of the world is changing. Because we are in the 21st century, we live in an urban lifestyle. People need to work in order to earn a living. Children go to school to acquire knowledge. Automobile industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It provide jobs for millions of people, generates billions of dollars in worldwide revenue. Automobiles have also revolutionized transportation in the 20th century, changing the way people do business and travel. Although automobiles are …show more content…
For example, they might cause mild to severe irritation of the nose, eyes, lungs and throat. The body can also absorb chemicals, which results in the deterioration of health. One of the most common problems air pollution from cars harm is the respiratory health of people. Because of the harm air pollution from cars cause to people and the environment, government in some countries began planning a policy to reduce car usage. For example, Journal of transport economics and policies published “ In the United States, motor vehicles emission standards are set explicitly in clean legislation, while policies at several levels of government are designed to reduce the use of cars to particular purposes like commuting. In Europe, high fuel taxes and subsidies to urban mass transit and intercity rail travel in large part aim to reduce car use.” (Small and Kazimi, 7).In addition, the EPA made a study about the effects of air pollution and found links between high levels of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide and an increase in the number of hospital admissions because of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases (EPA publication 789). In addition, the Environmental Health

Perspectives made studies suggesting that children living close to roads may have impaired respiratory problems. Cars emit Carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. In fact, automobiles are the main reason why pollution has increased rapidly.
Secondly, natural resources

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