B120 Tma 1 Essay

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Part a)

Dear Andy,

I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having at your branch; after careful analysis I have decided to discuss stakeholder analysis to look at the issues and offer recommendations on how they could be remedied.(

It is obvious that there has been a clear breakdown in the relationship between management and staff which has underlying causes such as low pay,( lack of training for junior staff and Night Managers.(

I believe that the pay and training issues illustrate an underlying lack of respect for junior staff which gives them little incentive to follow rules or procedure. Additionally the lack of formal training and status for Night Managers exacerbates this as junior staff seems to have little
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The low wages and the opening of a new local late night supermarket made staff feel that they had little to lose if they did not follow the new rules.(

Part c)

Employees are important stakeholders within the organisation whose interests appear to have been ignored. Preston sites pay as a primary expectation with job satisfaction and training as important secondary considerations. This is highlighted through low pay, lack of formal training and poor managerial relations.

My recommendations for addressing these issues would be Zinn’s to invest in a formal training and induction programme for new staff and Night Managers; I feel this is important for new staff as it will help create a welcoming culture within Zinn’s restaurants.( I also recommend that the number of Night Managers be reduced and their pay should be commensurate with the Assistant Manager’s to reflect the extra responsibility they assume.( I also believe that Night Managers should be included within the food wastage bonus scheme as an incentive to be more vigilant on the wastage problem.(


Preston, D., 2006. Book 1 An Introduction to Business Studies. In: s.l.:The Open University, p. 25.(

Part Two

I am going to discuss the TGF discussion on Activity 1.2 which relates to Morgan’s Metaphors. The purpose of the forum discussion was to ask in the students’ opinion, which of Morgan’s Metaphors was most

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