Barco Case Analysis Essay

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Barco Case

Group members: Siyu Liu , Yating Li
Che Zheng , Liang Dong, Xiaoxuan Gu

In order to maintain BPS high-end projector market and keep high market share in the marketplace on the existing of the competitive of Sony’s production, we had a drastic discussion about BPS’s situation. Through discussion, we define the problems that BPS is facing. Then, we analysis its three possible strategies which include pricing option, production development option and stability of supply option to deal with its dilemma situation. At last, we draw a conclusion that if BPS wants to survive in the high end market competition, it has to shift all of its attention on the development of BG800.
BPS was the second
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And it is difficult for BPS to win this price war since BPS could not follow lower prices. In addition, if BPS would like to lower products price, it has to consider the prices to keep balance between market share and profits. The second problem is which product strategy BPS should choose? Do we need to introduce BD700 as soon as possible, develop BD700 and BG700 at the same time and postpone the introduction of BD700, or stop all other developments and focus on BG800? The introduction of BD700 in October will bring revenue to the company. It is helpful for the company’s financial balance when the company keeps losing revenue in the future because of market erosion caused by the launching of 1270. Also, the introduction of BD700 can keep a good relationship with consumers and engineers. The second option will cause postpone of BD700. Though BG700 is competitive with 1270 with higher scanning frequency, it would not be competitive in other aspects. At last, the development of BD800 requires all of BPS’s resources. In this case, BPS can’t offer any new products in a certain period. The third problem is that BPS relies on its major competitor SONY for the key component parts-tubes deeply. In this case, what should BPS do to ensure the stability of production line if SONY raises the price of tubes or stops the supply? B. Alternative Identification
Pricing Options
The first option is to

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