Baseball vs. Softball Essay

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Running Head: Baseball vs. Softball

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Baseball is a very competitive sport as is mainly enjoyed by men; however we also have a sport called softball which is played mainly by females. The sport of baseball and softball are almost identical in a lot of ways. This essay will compare and contrast baseball vs. softball by discussing the similarities and the differences of the two. If you are not a baseball or softball fan, then this essay will give you a better understanding of both sports which are very exciting to watch.

Running Head: Compare and Contrast of Baseball vs. Softball

Baseball vs. Softball
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The pitcher’s mound is 2x the distance away from home base compared to softball. In baseball the maximum height for a pitcher’s mound is 10 inches and a radius of 9 feet. In softball the pitcher’s mound is not raised with a radius of 8 feet”.

Running Head: Compare and Contrast Baseball vs. Softball 2

When learning the rules of baseball and softball they are a little different for example, in softball a base runner can only lead off the base after the ball has left the pitcher’s hand, and they also require face mask on the helmets compared to baseball it is not required to wear a face mask, but is recommended. Baseball and softball both have 9 players on the field at once and both have an umpire. Both sports also use the technique of 3 strikes you out, and after 4 balls the runner can proceed on toward first base. Baseball and softball both use the tag out technique which is when a runner is touched with the ball or glove with the ball inside.
Baseball and softball are both wonderful sports too play, even though they are different in some ways and similar in other ways. The best suggestion in comparing both sports is to attend a game learn the different rules and the similarities between the two. Attending both games can be fun and a new experience for anyone that has not had the chance to attend and understand the game of softball or baseball. Even though the pitch

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