Essay on Batman Dark Knight Ideologies

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Batman Dark Knight Project In the movie the movie Batman: The Dark Knight there are many overlapping complexities between characters in the movies. For example, Harvey Dent believes in bringing forth justice which can also been seen in the characteristics of batman. However, Harvey Dent conforms to society and follows the law (in the beginning) like Inspector Gordon. One key characteristic that Inspector Gordon has is that he is incorruptible like Batman himself. Batman doesn’t conform to society, he’s an outcast like the Joker. Also Batman and the Joker share another similarity which is they mask there identity. Lastly Harvey Dent at the end is physically two sided which can be seen in Bruce Wayne whose personality is two sided by …show more content…
My view of the civilians in the movie are that they are weak and intimidated by fear. They don’t have a voice which is why Batman gives them hope. They won’t stand up against organized crime and unlawful acts because of fear the criminals put in them. In the movie Inspector Gordan represents loyalty. He’s the one guy Batman associates with and kinda works along with because he knows that Inspector Gordan is tired of living in fear and is an incurable person. Inspector Gordon had interactions with Harvey Dent, Batman, Bruce Wayne, the Italian mobsters, the mayor and the Joker. Harvey Dent is a white knight. He’s the face of justice the moral way for Gotham. He is perceived as giving people a fair chance since he prosecutes the criminals the ethical way with a fair trial unlike batman’s unethical ways of physical justice. However, Harvey likes to put the odds on his side which is seen by him flipping a double sided coin which shows us that what the Gotham people see may not be the truth on who Harvey really is. For example after the loss of his fiancé he turns dark and thinks he’s doing justice like batman but in reality he’s just committing crimes for his great good unlike batman who may be committing crimes but it’s for the common good. In the movies there were several “scripted conversations” with the joker and many of the other character. I found three that I

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