Beauty by Jane Martin Essay

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We live in a country where television and advertisement is designed to entice people into always wanting more than what they already have. This enticement is achieved by feeding into the human desire for happiness. Advertisers create persuasive campaigns that inundate the public with images of societies narrow interpretation of success and beauty. These images are then presented as a precondition to the happiness that human beings are searching for. When a person’s reality does not match this narrow image, the message sent through television and advertisements is that in order to be content people need to find a way to acquire it. As a result we live in a society where people are continuously longing for a happiness that
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Carla is a symbol of the allure and illusion of beauty. She is a model the sociocultural standard of feminine beauty in society, however nothing about her is as it appears. Although she is a model, she is struggling. She is beautiful but her looks were altered by cosmetic surgery. Men were attracted to her but the quality of the men is questionable. The fact that she is not smart is to deliberately create the stereotype of the dumb model.
The media's use of such unrealistic models like Carla and it makes it difficult for females to achieve any level of contentment with their physical appearance. Carla is the false god the media forces women to compare themselves against. Her beauty is unattainable as it is the result of drastic measures. Yet, even if other women decide to go through those drastic measures they soon learn, like Carla, that it does not ultimately bring them happiness.
When you examine Carla and Bethany’s relationship, you can further see the emptiness in Carla’s life. She describes Bethany as being one of the only female friends that she has. Reading the dialogue, even beyond the obvious points, there is so much about the friendship that is flawed. Bethany is not even aware that it is Carla’s birthday and when made aware she only half-heartedly acknowledges it before she continues on with her conversation/purpose for being there. Bethany also shows no

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