beliot college list Essay

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Andy McNulty
College Writing
Professor Eaton
Essay #2(rough draft)
Generations Changing
Over the years of going through grade school I have seen different generations change and they way people go about things including myself. One of the things I have seen change that is huge is technology. After reading the Beliot list for college students in the class of 2018 I came across a couple of interesting points. The point that I do agree with is that I found was “celebrities selfies are cooler than autographs” and “Press pound” on the phone is now translated as “hit hashtag.” Seeing these points on the Beliot list I do agree with the things they say because most of these relate to our generation and how different things were back
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When I looked at the example it popped right in my head that every kid at the Hall would always ask me for a picture not a autograph. This shows that things have changed in generations because before everyone had their sharpie and something to sign now they just take their phone out and take a picture.
Another thing that grabbed my eye when reading these statements was “Press pound” on the phone is now translated as “hit hashtag.” I again agree with this for our generation because its so true. Before, when I was young I could remember being on the phone and my mom would say “Andy hit pound” and thats how it always was. Now, since the emergence of social media and Twitter “hitting pound” now turns into “hit hashtag” This is definitely an example of generations changing and a good target statement for our generation specifically. I also think social media has a ton to do with this because before twitter was a big thing and athletes started to “hashtag” everything no one really knew what it was. Now though since kids our age are on it every chance they get it has become second nature to us to use the word hashtag and now every where you go that is the term you use not “press pound” we say press hashtag” which is a perfect example for our class of 2018.
Some people begin to say you cant generalize such a diverse group of people just based on

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