Betrayal in the City Essay example

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This is loss of life
In scene 1 in the play Adika was killed during demonstrating, Adika meets his death, he was short four times for standing for the truth and to make matters worse, by a kinsman, they followed him to his grave and desecrated it.
The old couple Doga and Nina are murdered in cold blood by Mulili, an agent of the oppressive regime. This is because they disagreed with him and as a result he gets some favors.
Kabito is killed in cold blood after differing with Mulili over a tender supply of milk to Kafira University.
In Prison Askari, claimed that he killed a man where Mosese and Jere are in and to him is a heroic deed.
Doga and Nina’s son, Jusper, killed chagaga(sub-chief’s brother) and Jusper was seen
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“Brutes! Murderers! Beat up my innocent sister until she lost hearing in one ear. Why beat a woman? Why didn’t they beat me?”
The deaths that occur in the play are because of violent attacks. Adika, Chagaga, Mulili, Kabito and the old couple Nina and Doga are all violently killed.
Violence is also used in Kafira to silence those who are vocal to the dictatorial Regime and there seems to be no end in sight.
Jusper alludes to the existence of violence when he says, “They come quietly when you are least expecting them and before you realize it, they have pounced on you like hungry leopards.”


E.g. “Like caged animals, we move but only inside the cage”. This is when Tumbo is telling Nicodemo they are defenseless in the face of numerous eliminations in Kafira. The image of caged animals stirs our minds to see the predicament the people of Kafira are in. It brings out the idea of repression and bad governance.
When two people are talking at cross-purpose, they don’t understand each other since they are usually focusing on different things.
The kind of play that Jusper thinks about is different from that Tumbo thinks of thus the two are speaking at cross-purpose.
When Jusper asks Nina if he can go and confess, she says “Yes my son, go and put on a clean shirt and then you can confess”. Nina does not know that he wants to confess, since he killed Chagaga. She tells Doga, “He thinks he

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