Bis 320 Week 5 Essay examples

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Information Security

Information Security

Kroenke, D.M. (2012) states that SDLC or Systems development life cycle is a conventional method of information systems development. To survive in the market, Amazon Corporation have put major thrust on areas like research, development and building new information systems. SDLC process comes in different versions with varying number of steps. Some go for the eight step process while few prefer the seven step process. Another variation is the five step process which includes the following stages: System definition, Requirement analysis, Component design, Implementation and Maintenance.

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Amazon can afford having their business data backed up in secure servers as they are the makers of virtual servers that are intended for the exact functionality purposes. Their product that does this is Amazon EC2 and this eliminates the need to outsource data backup. All these can be performed within the premises of Amazon. They also have the capabilities to have protected data centers anywhere in the United States or globally. Another feature of the servers of Amazon is the “availability zones” for data within data center facilities which can restrict the damage to limited areas in case of breakdowns. Globally these centers are positioned in groups. At times of failures, the data transfer takes place from the impacted zone to the nearest safe zone. The high traffic is managed by balancing the load in the rest of the centers.

An Incident Management team is assigned to take responsive actions in case of emergencies. The main function of this team is to constantly survey the company owned and rented virtual servers. Their personnel carryout this supervision task 24 hours every single day of the year. They are ready to quarantine incidents and take immediate action. This complete monitoring activity keeps a check on essential operational metrics. Whenever a

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