Black Boy Essay

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Cooper Sloan
Mr. Crews
English 1
May 21, 2013
Black Boy Final Essay Racism, it’s a problem that has baffled this nation, and the whole world actually, for centuries. Not just blacks, but any minority in any country is often faced with prejudice because of something they simply can’t control. Really, it’s just like bullying in many schools, but one hundred times worse. In “The New Negro”, Alain Locke has many important ideas and thoughts about society and the treatment of African Americans. He shows you what every life of a black American was like in the 1920’s. Many of the ideas that he writes are shown in Richard Wright’s Black Boy. “So for generations in the mind of America, the Negro has been more of a formula than a human being-a
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White men never considered them and their emotions. Black Americans lacked “genuine passion”, and couldn’t care for others, right? Wright also mentions how even their greatest joys are timid. My guess is this is because they never really experienced happy feelings; there really wasn’t much happiness in their lives. All of these phrases that Wright uses to show what black Americans lacked, all helped to show the big picture, how black Americans were living IN America, but not OF it. Another passage where Wright writes about the white man acting as if the black Americans were possessions was on page 200.
But I, who stole nothing =, who wanted to look them straight in the face, who wanted to act like a man, inspired fear in them. The southern whites would rather have Negroes who stole, work for them than Negroes who knew, however dimly, the worth of their own humanity. Hence, whites placed a premium on black deceit; they encouraged irresponsibility; and their rewards were bestowed upon us blacks in the degree that we could not make them feel safe and superior (200)
White men often took advantage of Black Americans. They weren’t educated and were often in many cases desperate. In some rare occasions like Richard’s, black Americans were smart, and knew when they were being taken advantage. Richard wouldn’t steal, and this act of doing the right thing scared the business owners. The men encouraged irresponsibility and didn’t care if a black

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