Body Image vs. Media Essay

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Body Image vs. Media

Perfection is the ultimate addiction, in the eyes of the media. Body image is a problem that women and even men have been struggling with for as long as the media has been around. The media constantly puts pressure on young men and women brainwashing them into thinking that the ideal body image for women is small and slim and the ideal image for men is muscular. The media uses interesting standards to define beauty. There are different aspects to beauty that a lot of times, the media does not exhibit. For instance true beauty comes through dignity and character, not necessarily through how a person looks. Nevertheless, there is no denying that ads do affect some of us. Women and young girls all around the world are
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Along with these photos of flawless models, comes unsatisfied viewers like me and you, who wonder is my body good enough? Why can't I look like THAT? In addition, the affects of the media lead to greater risks. These risks include eating disorders and depression. As females, we have to look a little deeper down and ask yourself who you really are, and be your real self. If we do not minimize the public's expectations of "true beauty", we are at risk of psychological disaster.
Young girls who look up to Supermodels strive to be just like them. It is no surprise when we see women starving themselves to perfection. If you take a glimpse on the other side of the lens, you will see a young Supermodel struggling . Janis Dickinson, the world's first supermodel, explains it all in her book "Everything About Me Is Fake, and I'm Perfect" . "It is a life of pain, drugs, barfing, and near – death experiences", Janis explains. Janis continues to say:
"As the first of my kind, I think it is my duty to tell you there is absolutely no way you can look like a supermodel in real life- unless your real life comes equipped with a stylist, a hair and makeup team, a clothing allowance, perfect lighting, and zero humidity. You must also move to a climate where it never rains, so your flat- ironed hair won't bend like it's giving you the finger". ( pg 19)
The pressure to maintain a good figure for models is quite strenuous. Their whole career revolves around

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