Brave New World - Utopia or Dystopia? Essay

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There is a very significant difference between a utopia and a dystopia, however Brave New World by Aldous Huxley could be seen as either. There are many aspects of this society which are perfect and completely cancel out many problems with our real world, nevertheless along with these are effects which could be seen as the opposite. This essay will discuss these aspects and effects and whether the Brave New World society is a utopia or a dystopia.
A utopian society is one which is perfect (Mastin (2008), What is a Utopia?). In the case of Brave New World: everyone has a job; all people live in harmony, meaning there is no war; there is a lack of poverty and crime. These things alone would mean this society is indeed utopian. Obviously
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Parts of the novel focus very specifically on the dystopian side of their lives, such as when John Savage, Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson discuss the lack of God, love and science with Mustapha Mond who is one of the ten world controllers (Huxley, 1932, p.171-187).
You can understand now that there are far more imperfect parts of the brave new world than perfect ones. This means it must be a dystopia. The perfect parts generally end up with a negative outcome. For example, the fact that everyone has a job is a result of the conditioning they went through as a child. The use of soma is also a negative part of the society the characters live in. John sees it as a terrible thing because his mother Linda died from a constant dose of the drug (Huxley, 1932, p. 158-162). The characters rely on these imperfect things very much, so it makes the society even more of a dystopia. The start of the novel seems to be set in utopian society, however, the book becomes less so and leans towards a dystopia. Huxley makes this change consciously in the story. When John the Savage enters the story, that is when the society of the world changes. Instead of conditioning and other things being seen as normal, John sees these things as a disgrace and prefers the lifestyle of the reservation, where he used to live.
A utopia and a dystopia are extremely opposite

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