Brief History of Counselling Essay

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Project 6
Research the background of counselling and develop a 500 word report to be presented to the class.

The report needs to cover all of the following topics:

• the purpose of counselling

The purpose of counselling is to help individuals, couples or families to work towards living in a way that is more satisfying, rewarding and resourceful. Including physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally depending on the clients wants and/or needs.

The modern consensus as to what the purpose of counselling is, revolves around the concept of helping clients understand and resolve their individual issues or difficulties using their own resources and their own decision making processes. This includes teaching the client to
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Many of the therapists trained by Freud including Carl Jung began to develop their own theories and approaches in the early 20th century.

The 1940s and 1950s became decades that are considered extremely important in the expansion of counselling. Carl Rogers established the “person centred” approach classified as “Humanistic Therapy”, which forms the basis of most current practises. Today, psychological therapies are classified in three main areas; Behavioural Therapies, Humanistic Therapies and also Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic.

Modern counselling, psychology and psychiatry have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on the concept of mindfulness since the 1970s. Mindfulness practises being based on Buddhist Meditation (sati or smrti) and Buddhist Philosophy. Mindfulness and the therapy developed by Steven C Hayes (and others) called ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy uses strategies of mindfulness, acceptance and behaviour change. This stream of therapy has its roots in ancient practise.

Today, Australian counsellors, psychologists and therapists use a number of treatment methods depending on their training and schools of thought. The most common approaches in Australia is CBT and Psychotherapeutic models.

• the place of counselling within the helping services

Counselling should take place with professional intent within the framework of the helping services. It is

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