British Satellite Broadcasting: the Beginning of the End Essay

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Entrepreneur Research Paper
Adriel McBride
DeVry University
December 17, 2012


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History behind BSB 4

Reasons for Failure 5

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Many say that if BSB would have launched first they could possibly still be around. Sky and BSB were in financial trouble and after BSB collapsed in November 1990, they were forced to merge. That is how the BSkyB came about, no more BSB it was over and a new company had begun which was marketed as Sky TV. Reasons for Failure British Satellite Broadcast failed for a number of reasons one was the lack of financial stability and commitment. BSB was spending millions of dollars on equipment for receivers so they can be available for purchase. But they were slacking in the production department because they needed more money to make sure they had quality programming but missed their deadline. By the time they finally launched people had already turned to the competition because they were tired of waiting. When a promise is made to consumers it’s best for the company to do everything in their power to oblige them or otherwise they will lose their support and money. That’s exactly what happened with BSB they were focused on quality which was great but couldn’t provide it in a timely matter.
Their competition offered a cheaper product and adequate quality which was better than nothing. The merge only helped Sky stay alive and killed BSB because they took all of BSB quality equipment and satellites and created

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