Essay on Broken Heart Analysis

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"The Broken Heart" written by John Donne sets a mood that reveals the regrets of love. It allows you to see how vulnerable the heart can be in dealing with love. It's theme is the pradatory nature of love and the powerlessness of the heart once it has been devoured by love. He makes love seem as if its an evil thing that can overtake you without warning and if your not carful enough, you can e hurt very quickly!Donne also reveals how he was caught up in the traps that love seemed to have set up for him and was permanently hurt by it.

In the firt stanza of Donne's poem, there is a forshadowing of how long it can take for a heart to be swept up then dropped by love."he is stark mad who ever says thay he hath been in love an hour." This
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Donne's story being told explains why he feels the way he does about love. He sees no good thing in it after love has shivered his heart to glass. In Donne's last stanza, he lets you know the remains of his heart, he lets you know that time can never quite heal the wounds that love gave him.For him, love is so powerful that it can either make you or break is something that ties your soul and keeps it's grasp forever, so once its shattered, it can never heal. "therefore I think my breast hath all those pieces still, though they be not unite." Love has the choice to either let you love or let you hurt and love no more, for Donne its this, But after one such love, can love no more." He has been so hurt by love that he has no more room to ever love again. John Donne's poem allows you to see how cruel love can be and how the heart is effected by it. I t gives you a small glimpse into his past hurt to justify why he starts ou so violantly in describing love, if a reader had to summarize this poem into one sentence, one might say laove is a terrible plague that never lasts lon but leaves you permanently

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