Buckingham Palace: District 6 Essay

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Topic 1: “The characters of Buckingham Palace; District 6 are not admirable, they are thieves, liars and prostitutes.” Keeping in mind the term relative morality, discuss how we can conclude, that after reading this novel, that people cannot be viewed so superficially. When the characters of District 6 are analysed superficially they are not admirable. Mary is a prostitute; Zoot has a criminal record and beats people up. And Mrs Knight goes to church every Sunday and is happily married with 3 children. If you judge these people superficially, you would think Mrs Knight would be the optimum person you could trust to go to in this community if you had a crisis. However once you get to know these characters you realise that Mrs Knight …show more content…
They do this as an act of unity and valour for their community. Zoot also lies to Katzen and repeatedly promises to pay the rent without really intending to. But this is not because his intention is to cheat Katzen because he honestly does not have the money to pay for it. Zoot is also a compassionate person; he lets strangers and old friends stay in his house, without asking for anything in return other than hoping they will pay the rent for them, knowing they almost certainly don’t have the money to either. These People become his family and they stand up for each other and don’t judge each other and that is worth so much more than the iniquitous things they did to get by.
Mary is a prostitute and breaks the law by running an immoral and illegal business. However as you read further into the book you see that there is far more to her than a preachers daughter gone astray. You see that even though she runs a whore house you cannot judge her as a person for because of this. Mary goes to church every Sunday and always pays her church dews. Furthermore she and The Girls put significantly more effort than the rest of the

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