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Business Research Ethics

Business Research Ethics
The article for my assessment in this weeks assignment is an article from the Internet titled “Pharmaceutical Company Forced to Pay $3 Billion Over Faking Research, Bribing Doctors”, written by “Michael Belk in” a columnist for “Health Impact News Daily”.
The article explains that on July 2, 2012, Global health care giant GlaxoSmithKline LLC (GSK) agreed to plead guilty and to pay $3 billion to resolve its criminal and civil liability arising from the company’s unlawful promotion of certain prescription drugs, its failure to report certain safety data, and its civil liability for alleged false price reporting practices. GSK agreed to a three-count criminal information,
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The United States alleges, GSK did not make data from two other studies available that shows Paxil fails to demonstrate efficiency in treating patience under age 18. By not providing this information to the FDA GSK skewed the results. The U.S. also alleges that GSK sponsored dinner programs, spa programs and other similar activities to promote the use if its drug in children and adolescents. GSK also paid a speaker to convince doctors about the drug along with paying for their meals and spa treatments.
Wellbutrin: The U.S. alleged that from January 1999 to December 2003, GSK promoted Wellbutrin, for weight loss, as a treatment of sexual dysfunction, substance addiction along with other off-label uses even thought it was only approved for Major Depressive disorders. The U.S. contends that GSK paid millions to doctors to speak at meetings at lavish resorts, at which the off-label uses of this drug were routinely promoted. GSK also used sales representatives to promote their drug for these unapproved uses. Using doctors and sales representatives to provide participant information for unintended purposes such as selling goods or services is unethical.
Avandia: GSK promoted Avandia to doctors and other health care providers with false and misleading representations about this drugs safety details. This was the cause of numerous false claims submitted to federal health care programs. The U.S. alleges that the company stated this drug

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