Cango Operations Essay

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Analysis Report | Online Gaming – CanGo Operations | The X-treme Team – Team C May 30, 2011 BUSN 460 Professor: Dr Michael Mcgivern |

Manufacturing and Service Processes (Annie Hogan)
CanGo is considering making investments in the technology in order to improve process flow. In order to better understand the investments they are considering, it is important to fully understand the process choices and the differences between them. The process choices can be viewed on a spectrum with one end being intermittent processes and continuous processes are at the other end. Intermittent processes, or job shops, are generalized and flexible. The workers are skilled and they are able to make a wide range
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A flow chart is essentially a pictorial representation of a process in which all the steps of the process are presented. (Kumar, 2006) In this instance, the customer service process is being analyzed to ensure that is operating up to business standards. The chart that CanGo should implement should be similar to the one below, but contain current customer service practices and procedures that are being utilized so the entire customer service process can be seen in a bird’s eye view.

Customer service staff and middle management should determine whether the current practices are operating in a way that benefits the company, or if there is redundant/unnecessary steps in the customer service process taking place that have a negative effect or that are not cost effective. If inefficiencies are identified the customer service staff along with middle management should attempt to formulate a suggested revision of the processes that are ineffective to executive management for approval.
Flow charts are hierarchical or focused in nature in start either from the most important subject matter, through a digression of the hierarchy; or from the beginning to the end in chronological sequence through specific processes. (McKay, 2004) Typically, a team, or group of employees compiles the flow chart; though at times someone with immense knowledge of the subject matter may complete it as an individual task. Once

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