Captive of a G-String: Analysis of Literary Techniques in Nicola Barker's Short Story ''G-String''

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Captive of a G-string: An Analysis of literary techniques in Nicola Barker’s short story “G-String”

Nicola Barker’s short story “G-string” relates the troubles of a middle-aged woman with her self-confidence, how she fails to achieve the respect and admiration she seeks from her boyfriend Mr. Kip, as well as how she struggles to attain a certain idea of herself as a modern woman by wearing a G-string.
With a humorous tone and use of the G-string as a symbol, Barker allows us to follow her protagonist, Gillian, in her dilemma between wearing fashionable undergarments to resemble the picture she has of a voguish woman, or rejecting the unpleasant G-string and accommodating who she is, with her flaws and imperfections. Barker lets us
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The reaction of the entourage to a recently acquired sense of worth is also evoked when Mr. Kip is seduced by Gillian’s new attitude: “Mr. Kip was very impressed. He couldn’t help himself” (72).
Nicola Barker uses the symbol of the G-string throughout her narrative to express the fact that women’s empowerment will come from rejecting society’s hold on their appearance, and that being themselves will bring them the self-confidence they seek, not the blind following of fashion and trends. With the reaction of Mr. Kip, Barker additionally advocates that the newly acquired self-esteem will, at long last, bring woman the respect and admiration of men.
Nicola Barker’s story G-string is a hilarious narrative presenting formulaic but lifelike characters trapped in the part society has ascribed them. It is written in an entertaining and amusing tone. Barker uses humour to highlight the ridiculousness of women’s attitude of trying to please at the cost of who they really are. These pitiful attempts are shown as ill-advised and unavailing.
Barker uses colourful similes to illustrate how absurd Gillian feels when she persists in wearing the G-string even when it is clear she is ill at ease in the loathsome underwear: “It felt like her

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