Case Analysis Aqualisa Essay

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Aqualisa company overview Aqualisa has always had a strong reputation in the U.K. shower market, with the company being generally recognized as having top quality showers, a premium brand and great service. It was a highly profitable company and sat quite comfortably with its niche in the market. Harry Rawlinson joined the company in 1998 and believed it was vulnerable for different reasons. In the year 2000, Aqualisa had 18.1% of the market share in the shower industry. Aqualisa sold electric showers mostly under a separate brand name “Gainsborough”, which was available in 70% of DIY stores. Three product ranges are available under this brand, which were value, standard and premium. The Gainsborough range accounts for 11.3% of the …show more content…
Quartz) * Other suppliers catching up on quality, price * Aqualisa’s service levels are dropping * Aqualisa’s market share is dropping



* Quartz perceived to be a ‘break-through’ product in the industry * Quartz benefits for consumers: * Hi pressure water flow * No re-adjustment for temperature control * Light to indicate temperature correctness * Attractive, good looking product * Quartz benefits for plumbers: * Heat/water ‘mixer’ located remotely (not in shower itself) * More easily installed * Time saved at installation (1/2 day versus 2 days) * Doesn’t take

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