Case Outline-Hewlett Packard Essay

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Assessment 2 – Outline : ‘The Hewlett Packard Way”

Case Study:

I chose the ‘Hewlett Packard way’ as last year I spent the whole year as Store manager in a retail position. The first half of the year I managed for a company with a reputation for high staff turnover and in the second half I managed for a company with similar values to Hewlett Packard. Not only were staff members more loyal in the second company but the level of self-driven motivation was second to none. I am passionate about this management style.

Contemporary management Issues in relation to this article

Issue: HP consistently puts principles derived from Theory Y into practice taking a completely soft model of Human Resource Management approach. However
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They are not remaining completely flexible- an important management aspect. This moves onto the idea that ‘Equilibrium equals death’ (Clegg et al, 2011,pg 374) – the company are failing to embrace change and innovation in an ever transforming society. “ The biggest single threat to our business today is staying with a previously successful business model one year too long” – Tim Mannon (President of HP)

Discussion and Analysis (Recommendations)

HP needs to analyse the ‘one best way’ models and evaluate if how they are running their business is ‘best practice’ for the current time/circumstance. (Kotter ,1996 pg57) identifies leadership as the process of influencing people towards achievement of organizational goals, by establishing direction, aligning actions to objectives, and motivating and inspiring the workforce. HP are only valuing the last part of that statement.
HP need to find a more suitable balance between theory X and theory Y in order for the company to survive. Philosopher John Stuart Mill suggest “that we only value what is useful to us. Therefore if other people cannot be useful, we will not value them. (Clegg et al, 2011,pg 150)
HP however need to introduce change gradually. An

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