Case Study - Boo Hoo. Essay

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Question 1. Which strategic marketing assumptions and decisions arguably made’s failure inevitable? Contrast these with other dot-com era survivors that are still in business, for example, and Firebox. com. was started by 3 Swedish entrepreneurs as they wanted to launch a world wide online retail website selling major sports brands clothing like Adidas, Nike, Fila, Lacoste, Polo and Ralph Lauren etc. there were major decisions and assumptions were made, taking for an example the currency conversion rate offered in US and Europe was far lower than the normal currency conversion rate in the market this lead to negative impact on the and its sales. Initially it was though that world wide
…show more content… had the same goals and keeping those as aim following Marketing Mix was introduced. All the facts are presented are based on the case study information.

➢ chooses to sell their products and services online and convince people to log online to their website where they can get access to all goods offered by the company.
➢ bought official rights to use the registered website under the company name so that customer can find it easy to log in and do online shopping and products will be delivered through the company’s delivery department straight from the warehouse established or by other small retailers who joined locally in different countries.
➢ Price tags were placed according to country and in the local currency to facilitate local buyers. ➢ Problem rose when there was a conflict between the big brands and their local retailers due to price difference and discounts. ➢ Though company used creative pricing strategy but it did not reached its target market. Various modern tactics were used like price conversion etc but big differences lead a negative impact on the target market.

Product ➢ introduced various famous brands like Adidas, NIKE, Fila, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger etc as they targeted males and females aged 18-24 years old sports players or fans. ➢ Main tactic was to attract that certain market to buy branded products as these people

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