Case Study Flight 001 Essay

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Mario Marquez Jr.
Professor Reckon
MGMT 303
November 16, 2012

I. The Quikrete Companies, Inc. was formerly known as Maintenance Products, Inc. and changed its name in January 1965. The company was founded in 1940 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

II. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses A. Management
1. It is considered a strength because it is a strong brand image and brand loyalty, strong management team that analyzes every aspect of its product.
2. This strength is a distinctive competence because Quikrete products are able to differentiate itself from competitors and communicating this successfully to customers who show a high interest of its product.
B. Marketing
1. Marketing is our strength as well
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It affects the organization in a significant financial impact in the near-term or long-term on an organization. It will also affect stakeholders who strictly focus on financial condition of an organization. B. Ecological and Resources
1. Ecological and resource creates opportunity, distribution of resources, stability, resources with relatively fixed value over time.
2. It affects the availability of critical resources the power and authority of distribution between organizations. C. New Entreats
1. The threat of new entreats, competitive rivalry, the threat of substitute products, the power of buyers, and the power of suppliers.
2. Will affect the organization in many ways financially. D. Competitors
1. Competitive rivalry, competition between other companies in the industry.
2. It’s a threat and it affects the organization due to cost. Low market growth rates, high strategic cost, fight to protect their market share or compete aggressively to increase it substantially. High competitive pressure results in pressure on prices, margins, and profitability for the company.

IV. Summary (10 points) A. The organization can capitalize on the opportunities by its external environment and the internal capabilities of the firm. This focuses on the external side of the strategy, helping firms to analyze the force in an industry which gives rise to opportunities. The main

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