Essay on Case Study : The Luxury Market

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The luxury market is an intensely competitive one with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus seated as the top sellers. The first two marques rely on diesels to supplement their gasoline offerings; Lexus augments its standard models with hybrids.

Further down the sales line Audi, Acura and Cadillac do battle, followed by Infiniti sitting in a distant seventh place.

Infiniti may trail the leaders, but it has been coming on strong of late. Sales figures for 2015 are not yet final, but for the second consecutive year Infiniti has achieved record sales. Most of those sales are in the US where Infiniti is up by approximately 12 percent for the year, outpacing many of its rivals. China is a newer market and should supply Infiniti with continued growth moving forward.

Infiniti is succeeding as it relies on a healthy mix of sedans, coupes, and utility vehicles to bolster its sales. A new, entry-level model arrives next year — the QX30 — sold in hatchback and crossover variations (the hatchback will be marketed as the Q30 in other markets). The Q40 sedan is now out of production, leaving the entry-level Q50 and the midsize Q70 as the remaining sedans. Buyers might also consider the Q60 line of coupes and convertibles.

A 2016 Infiniti Q70L closed out my year of reviews, a midsize sedan with a stretched wheelbase. Also available as the Q70, the Q70L appellation denotes that 5.9 inches have been added to the wheelbase bringing this model within six inches of the full-size BMW 7-Series.…

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